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100% Done for You Plug 'n' Play Sales Funnel Means You Can Profit Starting Today... without Doing Everything Yourself and Struggling with the Technical ‘Mumbo Jumbo’...

If you love the idea of selling your OWN product and becoming a TOP earning affiliate... but are NOT very 'techie' with computers and simply DON'T have the time to do EVERYTHING yourself... then read every word on this page carefully...

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Okay... so you threw the idea of product creation out of the window long ago after you realized how difficult it was... You turned to 'done for you' solutions and up until now, these products were quite straight-forward...

 You bought the license, you added your payment button and then you promoted it... and you made a few sales here and there... Great!

...but then ...your enthusiasm died out.

and unfortunately your sales did too!

Ahh... so typical... It was good whilst it lasted and you made your money's worth... but wouldn't it be nice for once if you could have the sales continuously coming;in long after you launched it?...

...Wouldn't it be nice to;actually to not be selling saturated... poor quality products that people are hesitant to buy?

...And wouldn't it be nice to;see spikes of commission sales in your ClickBank and JVZoo account and thinking 'what on earth are these sales for?' only to find out you're still getting paid from your existing customers from months ago?

With this in mind, you should be asking yourself... 

"How on earth do I do this without having to work any harder or spend more money?"... "How do I keep the sales coming in so I don't have to work any harder..." and "How do I actually build a full time income without having to sell a ridiculous amount of products?"

Well thankfully that's why you're here on this page today...

“We've Generated Almost 1 Million Visitors, Attracted 12,130 Customers & Sold Over $321,199.32 Worth Of Products and Services With JVZoo Alone!

This Is YOUR Golden Opportunity To Hook Up With The BIG Players In The Industry & Fully Integrate With Our Proven Multi-Layered Sales Funnel!

Whilst we've sold over $320,000 worth products and services just through JVZoo... the more important question you should be asking is "What does this have to do with me?"...

Well when it comes to selling online, it's safe to say that we know what we're doing.

We're not here to brag, show off any flashy cars or big houses or to even sell a dream... You're smarter than that and we don't want to insult your intelligence...

We're here to do business and offer you a very lucrative reseller opportunity that not only allows you to sell your own product... but earn commissions on EVERY product and service well sell in EVERY sales funnel on EVERY network.

To make this even possible... you need to be sure of a few things...

...You need to work with people who have real marketing experience and know what they're doing.

...You need to work with people who can build websites that SELL! - VERY important.

...You need to work with people who plan to be in business for years to come!

Yes you can go it alone... But guess what. It's a difficult path.

There's a tremendous amount of work that goes on in the background to make a site sell....

There's a tremendous amount of UNSEEN and under-appreciated focus and energy needed to complete a project through to the end...

There's even tremendous sacrifices you'll need to make your personal life to make this business work.

And to be honest... internet marketing is NOT for everyone.

However there are legitmate shortcuts you can take RIGHT NOW that will cut the learning curve, reduce development time and cut costs massively to make everything explained above even possible!

Introducing... Newbie Sales Machine

“...Your 100% DONE FOR YOU Plug 'n' Play Membership Site GUARANTEED To Bring In $19.95 Sales, $37 Upsell PLUS Make Effortless Commissions... Whilst We Do ALL The Technical Backend Sales and Marketing For You!

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Here's how you'll benefit MASSIVELY with Newbie Sales Machine...

100% Done For You Membership

You get your own professionally created membership product to sell. You'll be selling Standard Membership Access for just $19.95 which gives your members access to over 380+ training videos. Once downloaded, you can slap on your payment button, connect it to you reseller link and sell forever. Every sale is yours to keep.

Why training videos? Because they sell themselves. If you're reading this now then it's likely that you've purchased training products before. You are living proof that these types of products do indeed sell. But this time YOU become the seller and keep 100% of the profits.

High Converting Upsell System

You get your own high converting upsell system. As soon as your customer has decided to make a purchase, our system will redirect them to an upsell for advance training videos for $37. A well thought out and designed upsell requires an irresistable front-end offer that positions the upsell as a 'must have too'.

The best part is it's all done for you! No need to design an upsell from scratch. No need to think about what words to write. No need to create the content. No need to test different price points. Just continue to sell copies of your membership product and you'll see an instant boost in sales.

Powerful Lead Magnet System

The money is truly in the list. A powerful lead magnet system attracts visitors, creates interest in your free offer, gets them to subscribe and converts them into buyers. With your sales machine you'll be sending traffic to a highly optimized mobile-responsive squeeze page, give away free training and follow up with your leads for several months.

No need to design a squeeze page from scratch, no need to create give-away content and no need to write enticing emails that convince subscribers to buy. With Newbie Sales Machine it's all done for you.

50x Follow-Up Lead Converter System

Email marketing is all about connecting to your readers, offering tremendous value for free and converting your subscribers into raving fans who love receiving emails and continue to buy from you again and again. This is how long term income is built - through quality products and a loyal fanbase.

With Newbie Sales Machine we've done 99% of the work for you. Let the system build your list for you, connect with your readers and convert them into buyers so you can spend more time promoting your offer and less time stuck with the creative stuff! We've added 50 follow-up emails to your package that will do the job! Just add traffic!

Reseller Profit Link Generater

With Newbie Sales Machine you receive you own unique reseller links to provide membership access for your customers. This link acts as your access link for Standard and Pro Membership Access and tags your customers with your ClickBank, JVZoo and Zaxaa ID as they enter the membership. Any products or services your customers purchases now or in the near future ensures you get credited for the sale without doing anything else!

We've made it super easy to create your reseller link. Just fill in your profile with your IDs and generate your reseller links with one click. It's that easy!

One-Click PayPal Button Link Generator

Time is money and when you want to get setup fast you need time-saving tools like our a one-click PayPal button generator.

Simply add your PayPal email into your profile and generate your payment links with one click. We'll host your payment button for you and redirect your customers through to your reseller link which will then send them through to the members area. More speed, less time setup, more time making sales!

Optionally if you want to create your own buttons and use a different network it's no problem either. Just link to your reseller link and you'll get full integration with our backend system.

HOT! Back-End Commission Generator

A typical affiliate program only lets you earn commission on one product plus a few upsells. Great if you're starting out but not so great if you're serious about building a long term 6-figure per year online business.

We really pushed the boat out on this one to ensure you get credited for every product, not just in our sales funnel, but on every network we ever sell on including ClickBank, JVZoo and Zaxaa.

We've strategically placed behaviour-based login upsells, upgrade buttons, text links and randomized testimonials throughout the membership to encourage your members to upgrade. Due to the amount of content in the members area, your members are guaranteed to log back in on a regular basis and be presented with upgrades every time.

This is the core feature of the Newbie Sales Machine and gives you the ability to earn BIG commissions without lifting a finger!

HOT! Future Launch Commissions

Okay so now you're selling a quality membership product of your own, offering upsells, tagging customers with your reseller link, integrating with our backend offers on every network and getting paid commissions... how else can we improve the system?

Thanks to the tagging system we've developed, you'll be able to earn even more commissions on new products we develop in the future. This includes evergreen webinar events, turn-key systems, monthly training programs and more. Every customer you send through the system has the opportunity to spend thousands of dollars with us through your referral links.

Whilst you're busy selling membership access to Newbie Lessons, we'll be busy in the background developing high ticket offers and promoting them to your customers to boost your earnings. Talk about a partnership!

Expert Postitioning System

A truly great product will sell itself even if the reseller doesn't know the details of the product. And this is EXACTLY what we've built. A product that sells itself no matter is selling it.

Whether you've just started your online business and looking for a worthwhile investment, or have been in the game for years and just want to add another product to your portfolio, Newbie Sales Machine will position YOU as an authoritative expert.

With Newbie Sales Machine you'll be delivering so much content upfront, we're absolutely convinced that that a simple banner on your blog or a text link in your forum signature, or watermark on your video or a call to action on your free reports will attract the right people and get them to buy. Any newbie who is serious about learning internet marketing will jump on your offer right away... afterall you've offering 380+ training videos for peanuts!

“100% Done For You Membership That's Completely Newbie Proof Means You Get Started TODAY!... Not In 6 Months... Or 1 Year From Now!

Newbie Sales Machine is a Purposely-Built, Evergreen Membership Site With FREE Upgrades To Give You UNLIMITED Profit Potential!...

“...Powerful & Sophisticated Sales System Let's You Sell Unlimited Membership Access For $19.95 and $37...

Whilst You Cash In 'Behind The Scenes' On Our Entire Network of High-Ticket Products & Services Through Zaxaa, JVZoo and ClickBank!...

Newbie Sales Machine Allows You To Earn $48.50, $72.75 Even $248.50 In A Single Sale... Up To $1,376 In Commissions From Just One Sales Funnel...

Sales Machine Empire

(earn up to $200 commission)

The Super Sales Machine Empire empowers entreprenuers with their own network of high profitable products to sell as their own. As a partner you'll earn 50% on all sales including 3 upsells and 1 monthly recurring offer.

Super Signup System

(earn up to $100 commission)

The Super Signup System is packed with features that even we use and provides a ready made list building solution for internet marketers who know the value of having a responsive mailing list. As a partner you'll earn 50% on all sales including upgrades.

Monthly Membership

(earn up to $100 commission)

My Monthly Membership offers marketers a chance to build their monthly recurring income with their own multimeda training membership site for internet marketers. As a partner you'll earn 50% on all sales including upgrades.

Platinum Reseller

(earn up to $100 commission)

Platinum Reseller is a unqiue turn-key membership system that gives members an opportunity to start their own reseller business. Based off a best-selling membership site that has generated over $87.364.00 this offer converts extremely well every time we open it up to the public. As a partner you'll earn 50% on all sales including upgrades.

Graphics Membership

(earn up to $100 commission)

With a growing number of marketers creating and launching their own products, the need for quality mini-site graphics was apparant from the start. My Graphics Membership is a turn-key membership business that allows your customers to sell mini-site templates to product creators. As a partner you'll earn 50% on all sales including upgrades.

Membership Fire Starter

(earn up to $250 commission)

Membership Fire Starter provides 10 hosted membership sites with a range of fully customizatable features for your members. A great turn-key solution for beginners and a perfect 'bolt on' solution for seasoned marketers. As a partner you'll earn 50% on all sales including upgrades.

“...NEVER Write A Single Email Again!... Thanks To Our Tagging Technology, Email Promotions Are Sent Out On Your Behalf So You Earn Commissions Instantly!...

With Newbie Sales Machine you'll get the luxury of NEVER having to write or send out a promotion email to your subscribers ever again!

Here's why... As you sell membership access through your link, more customers are assigned to your affiliate ID. This means as we promote new products and services to your customers, YOU will be the one who receives credit for it! All this is done silently in the background.

What does this mean for you?... This means less time writing out emails and promoting to your list... less time thinking about what other product to sell... and more time making sales of your membership and building your downline!

Leave all the difficult email marketing to us. We'll convert your members into high paying clients so we can send commission payments to you.

Having been in the business for over 10 years we know how to do email marketing RIGHT. We know how to connect with readers, build a responsive list and write promotion based emails that close sales and get the job done. The end result is more money in your pocket.

Here are just a sample of the quality emails that we write on a daily basis...

“We Send Out Emails Almost Every Day & Deliver As Much As 200-500 Clicks On Demand!... Now You Can Cash In On Our Efforts Without Lifting A Finger!

With Newbie Sales Machine You Instantly Position Yourself As A List Builder, Independant Product Owner & Super Affiliate Without Jumping Through Hoops!...

Be A List Builder

As list-building enthusiasts ourselves we can tell you first hand that the money is indeed in the list.

Having a strong following of loyal readers who love hearing from you, love buying your products and recommendations is what will keep you in business for years.

Newbie Sales Machine empowers you with your own high-converting squeeze page and email follow-up system. Not only will you make sales of your membership, but you're now set up for a profitable road ahead.

Plus Product Owner

Every highly successful internet marketer has their own product and all the experts will tell you to create your own.

However Newbie Sales Machine empowers you with your own product from day one, so you'll never have to create another product again.

With a done-for-you membership system, professionally presented sales page, high converting upsell and strategic pricing, not to mention the back-end income potential you can now use Newbie Sales Machine as your main source of revenue. Instantly look like an expert without having to create a product yourself!

Plus Super Affiliate

Every customer that purchases membership access through your unique reseller link is tagged with your affiliate IDs.

As customers become more accustomed to the members area, are educated from the membership content and are aquainted with the range of products and email promotions, back-end sales are guaranteed!

For the first time you can become a super affiliate 'behind the scenes' without having to do any hard selling!

“...Is $100k a Year Online Even Possible For The Average Joe Who Sells One Product ?”

Not only are you selling your own product, but you're fully integrating with our sales funnels on every network that we sell on. Honestly... how often can you say that? This is your piggy back to a $100k per year income.

And if you're wondering if $100k a year is even possible...

Well let's look at it from this angle. What does it take to earn $100,000 per year?

With a quick calculation it's simply $273.97 a day...

$273.97 a day is 14 Standard Membership sales at $19.95... or 8 Pro Membership sales at $37.

Now factor in the upgrades that convert at 20% and you'll only need to make 7 Standard Membership sales a day or 5 Pro Memberships sales a day to meet (even surpass) your daily target...

7 Standard Memberships / day = 7 x $19.95 = $139.65
plus 1 upgrading members who purchases all upsells = $145.50
Total = $285.15/day

5 Pro Memberships / day = 5 x $37 = $185
plus 1 upgrading member who purchases all upsells = $145.50
Total = $330.50/day

What looks like an ordinary product that sells for $19.95 can actually be turned into a job-quitting income!

Becoming a 6-figure marketer is actually easier than you think. The real question is not CAN you... but WILL you?

Your Purchase Is Backed By A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!... If You Don't Make Your First $19.95 Sale After Sending 100 Visitors To Your Site We'll Refund You & You Still Get To Keep Your Product!

Newbie Sales Machine is designed to take you as a green newbie or experienced marketer and add a new stream of income to your business instantly. We put countless hours into creating a robust sales system that you can not only profit from, but build a real business upon.

As a licensed reseller we're backing your investment today with a very bold guarantee. If you don't make your first $19.95 sale within the next 30 days after sending 100 real visitors to your site then we'll not only refund you in full, but we'll even allow you to keep the product!

How can we make sure a confident guarantee? Simple. Let's do the maths...

Firstly, if you can't make just 10 sales in your first month (2-3 sales a week) then you're probably not committed to this program anyway. However if you do make at least 10 sales in your first month, you will have already made a minimum of $199.50 in sales. Our upgrades convert at 20% so out of your 10 customers, 2 will have purchased a $97 upgrade plus two $97 upsells for a total of $582 in commission sales. That's an extra $291 in your pocket plus the $199.50 front-end sales for a total of $490.50. Not too shabby.

But now factor in how many times your members will log back in, be presented with more upsells, upsells within upsells, as well as future offers they purchase through product launches. You have potential to earn well over $1,000 from your 10 intial members during their whole membership.

So the real question is are you ready to start making sales? Can you sell just 10 copies of your first product at $19.95 in your first month, just 2-3 sales per week? We think so! You have absolutely nothing to lose and so much more to gain and honestly if you're committed to this program you'll be too busy making sales and checking your commissions and will be wondering where this has been all your life!

Secure your license now in complete confidence and we'll get your resellers account setup for you right away!

“It's Time To Partner Up With The BIG Players & Leverage 10 Years Of Marketing Experience So You Can Scale Your Income To A $100K a Year Business!...

Newbie Sales Machine is not just a pretty turn-key business in a box... Far from it....

What you're investing in are over 10 years of focused marketing experience all condensed and wrapped up into one neat little package. There are some things that money simply can't buy... and experience is one of them. However you can come very close this a system like this.

Don't Wait Any Longer! Secure Your Reseller's License Now & Build a $100K a Year Business Without The Stress!

We're offering this license with the following options below...
Note: Price will increase as new features are added. Act now to secure the lowest price and get all upgrades for free.

Pro Reseller License + Full Funnel Integration
For Best Performance

Includes hosted-for-you membership site with over 380+ training videos

Includes professional mobile-responsive reseller site with animated sales video to make $19.95 sales for you

Includes instant upsell system with professional sales video to generate $37 sales

Includes multiple sales pages with various count-down timers to launch your own event anytime you want

Includes one-click reseller link generator for backend branding to earn big ticket commissions

Includes one-click hosted for you PayPal button generator that connects to your reseller link for quick setup

Includes 40% converting squeeze page to collect highly targeted leads

Includes 4 broadcast emails and 50 follow-up emails to deliver free tips and quality content to close sales

Includes backend commission income on all ClickBank, Zaxaa and JVZoo offers up to $497

Includes 'sent on your behalf' email newsletters to earn more future income on ClickBank, Zaxaa and JVZoo launch promotions

Includes 60 day conditional guarantee. Make your investment back with just 3 Pro Membership sales!

For serious marketers who want to sell their own product plus full integration with our sales funnel for maximum profit!

Regular Price $197

Act now to secure your 60% discount!

Website Funnel and Email Series Install Service
Website Funnel and Email Series Install Service

Internet Security No as welltice: After clicking the payment button you will be redirected to our customer sign up form to create a reseller account. You will then be redirect to the order form which uses the latest industry-Leading Encryption Technology (SSL). After payment a confirmation email will be sent to you and you will have the option to customize your order. We recommend you DO NOT close this window during checkout as you will be redirected immediately to the access page after purchase. All purchases are fully backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you may contact our friendly support staff at any time for help and assistance.

Licensing Terms and Conditions:
Please read carefully before purchasing. The licence terms are here to protect you as a reseller, your affiliates and your customers and maintains the value of the product.

[YES] Can sell Standard Membership Access to end users for a minimum price of $19.95*
[YES] Can sell Pro Membership Access to end users for a minimum price of $37*
[YES] You may offer 100% commissions to your JV partners and affiliates to sell Standard and Pro Membership access**

[NO] You cannot offer any form of rights including but not limited to resale rights, branding rights or private label rights
[YES] Includes co-branding rights. You can place your name and picture on your reseller's site next to Aaron Danker as the seller
[YES] You may modify and adapt the sales letter to your marketing style. However the offer must be transparent and clear.

[YES] You can offer this product as a bonus to customers, clients and coaching students who have spent at least $67 in products and services with you*
[YES] You can add this product to membership sites for members who have spent at least $67 in products and services with you*
[YES] You may add an unlimited number of bonuses to the offer*
[YES] You may include this product in a dime sale or firesale event as long as the minimum pricing structure is adhered to*
[NO] You must not give this product away for free under any circumstances. Access to the product is for paying customers only.

[YES] You may offer this product on forums, auction sites, gig sites and ecommerce sites such as Warrior Forum, eBay, Fiverr and TradeBit***
[YES] You may offer this product through paid advertising channels such as Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads etc.***
[YES] You may offer this product through offline channels such as QRCodes, tearsheets, newspaper ads, radio ads etc.***
[YES] You can translate the sales letter for foreign speaking languages where English is a second or third language however you must inform your customers that the membership site and content is in English.

*You may sell at a higher price and/or offer bonuses to your customers as an incentive to purchase from you and deliver them on your thank you page.
Bonus example 1: You can provide Standard or Pro access to a 3 month old member paying you $27 a month.
Bonus example 2: You can provide Standard or Pro access to a 1 month old member paying you $10 a month and has purchased a $67 upgrade.

Bonus example 3: You can provide Standard or Pro access to a customer who has purchased $47 in products or services and joined a $20/m membership.
**Your JV partners and affiliates will not receive commissions on backend offers as this is a reseller privilege only.
***You are fully responsible for ensuring that you adhere to the minimum pricing and terms and conditions of the third party sites you sell on.

"A BIG THANKS for all of the effort and quality content you provide"

I just wanted to send you an email and give you a big thank you. I am busting my butt trying to build an online business, and I carry a very strong interest in marketing (I'm a graphic designer, so I guess it could go hand in hand). I'm never sure who is who, I can't tell who I'm listening too or buying from or who created what, but I feel you create and offer some of the best quality products for prices that really do meet my budget. And a BIG THANKS for all of the effort and quality content you provide. - Slade Julius

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Your products make me look like a rock star! Graphics and mini-sites that I can do myself - and I'm not "techie" at all. I could write a sales letter but I couldn't make it "pretty" before these great lessons. They are quick and easy to do now. Run and buy whatever they sell - it is SO worth it! - Sue Annd Dunlevie

"My business has increased and my sales are growing each day... Wow, A Really big WOW!"

WOW, that was the only word I could think of that describes this. My business has increased much quicker and my sales are growing each day thanks to what I have learned. I had loads of PLR just gathering dust on my computer and was about to delete them but I came across your training just in time! Wow, A Really big WOW! - Barry Alger

"Never seen anything like this before that wasn't full of crap."

Hey it is your online brother from another mother. I love this course and your insight to so many categories. Never seen anything like this before that wasn't full of crap. - Darren Monroe

"Our coming back goes to show you we do make money with it all. What you do is always top-notch!"

Hi, you know we've loved everything you do for some time now, and our coming back goes to show you we DO make money with it ALL. We appreciate everything you do, and know what you do is always top-notch! Thanks and keep it coming. All Our Best! - Kathe Lucas

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I've been a huge fan for more than a few years now. The main reason being: There are VERY few sources of quality, content that are good enough to meet my standards. When I want to acquire a product I can use immediately, or add value to and resell? HERE is where I go. Period. - Lon Naylor

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Your products have always impress me, especially how you took a product, completely redesign and repackage to make it look unique and professional. Your products have helped me build a huge mailing list, generate sales and even set up membership sites to conduct e-courses. Please continue to keep up your good work and quality of your products. Take care! - Eric Tan

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I am a consultant in the Home Based Business Industry. My passion for helping others succeed in there business is what I love... The huge value you bring with your professional products is incredible. I recommend and share your products and training with my team and other serious Business owners. It has helped my business and affiliates take it to the next level. Your customer for life! - Dale Copenhaver

"Simply go beyond all my expectations... content amazes me and blows me away"

Aaron simply goes beyond all my expectations overdelivering all the time, taking internet marketing to the next level. Time and time again his content amazes me and blows me away. And I instantly get so many ideas on what to do with their unique materials. I definitely encourage every serious online business entrepreneur to check out what they can do for them. Keep up the good work. - Bill Carter

"Look no further, this is the one... I have gotten A+ products and customer service"

I just wanted to say that for those of you who are searching for a reputable and reliable company, look no further, this is the one. I have gotten A+ products and customer service from them. When you buy their products, you will make money with them. How much? I can't say, it all depends on you. I am telling you though, these guys have awesome products. Look no further. - Jeff Osborne

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I have grabbed a few of your products over the years and received some free stuff from you as well. The packages have always been top class well laid out and with outstanding graphics. The best part has been able to use your products for lead generation and supplying my clients with something they also can use for creating their lists. Selling your packages I have always got return on my investment and even the extras you have given me also gave return. As always keep up the outstanding effort and work you do it is appreciated and valued. - Rob P. Cruisin

"Where do you get the creative juices to do all this stuff?... I don't want to miss any new product that you put out there"

Your material is easy to follow, easy to read, professional. Where do you get the creative juices to do all this stuff? I come back to your sites often and check out all the others as well. I don't want to miss any new product that you put out there. Keep up the excellent work, keep on providing exceptional value for your customers buck, and may fortune smile upon you as you go about your life. - Danny Fortune

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Just what I needed to learn how to promote my own products! The products, sales letter, auto responder sequences, available help, are all super important for a newbie like myself. Hey, I can even use the products for my own education. The graphics are unbelievable. This program is worth its weight in gold. Everything is clearly explained! - Joseph Daniels

"You've totally blow the Pandora Box... I have a superb system on my screen"

I totally hate the idea of spending too much time and effort thinking of a new idea and spending thousand of dollars in outsourcing just to create one simple product. But now, you've totally blow the Pandora Box. I feel like an Olympian God creating my own product in minutes. In a blink of an eye I have a superb system on my screen. A dummy's greatest dream. Thank you so much. - Joe Tomines

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I have been buying and selling PLR products for a couple of years now, with varying degrees of success. I know how time consuming it is to create and develop your own products! Then I came across you guys, by accident and have been amazed at the quality and completeness of their products. I have a number of these products now and have successfully used them to increase my email list to over 1000! Keep it coming! - Nigel Currie

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Personally, product creation is something I've always enjoyed. Still, it can be hard at times to come up with ideas for new products that are unique, or have a unique twist to them. Even an experienced and creative individual can learn a lot from this video series. I know I did. I especially appreciated the lessons on product pricing, how to get testimonials, and creating multimedia packages. Not to forget the sources for ideas, which are priceless! Once again you've knocked it out of the ballpark with this one! Thanks! - Karen Denning

"I have recovered my investment and made profit in less than 15 days."

I have been on your mailing list and I have also bought several re-sell products from you in the past. I have recovered my investment and made profit in less than 15 days. In my 12 years of Internet experience, I have never seen more beautiful graphics than yours. I am a big fan of your stunning images and most convincing messages that make me to take action. I look forward to more useful products from you to promote. - Malathy Badri

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I've been on your list for years now... since my online business' beginning. I'm always glad to see an email from you in the inbox because I KNOW it will contain top of the line info or a must have offer. Thanks for all the tools and tips you provide! - Reg Ervin

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One can make a whole lot more money if they were to have their own product to sell online (instead of just promoting someone elses product for a share of their profit)... Simply get this course today and watch and learn exactly how to create your own product to sell online. It couldn't be any easier than this. Best Regards - Mason Ramm

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Always delivered as promised on the items purchased from them. The packages and website sales pages are great and there is a real person at the end of the contact email, not a spam bot. I can honestly recommend purchasing a package from them as you know you will receive the promised deal! - Laurie Durand

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To Your Success! William Caleb Rodgers and Aaron Danker
Your online teachers passionate to helping you succeed!

William Caleb Rodgers has a passion for internet marketing with plenty of experience and a growing knowledge of the industry. His dedication to pushing the boundaries and constantly improving means William is comitted to helping you grow your online business and achieve real tangible results that you can be proud of. If you have any pre-sale questions about this product, please contact admin@wcrpro.info for help and support and your questions will be answered as soon as possible.

Aaron Danker is an established internet marketer with over 10 years of online experience. He provides high level turn-key solutions and website installation services for beginners and has recently turned to coaching to share his knowledge and expertise with dedicated students. This product is the result of years of training and solutions to common problems beginners face all condensed into one powerful and easy-to-use learning platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Can you summarize what I'm getting?”

Sure! There are two main points you need to be aware of. Firstly you're getting licensing rights to Newbie Lessons. You'll receive your own reseller site similar to the official site NewbieLessons.com. This means you can sell it as your own product, collect $19.95 payments, or $37 upsell payments and sell as many membership access passes as you want and keep 100% of the profits.

This is a PLUG&PLAY offer which means while we give you access to EVERYTHING above you will still need to upload your reseller site files that we give you to your hosting, install the PayPal payment buttons, install your squeeze page files, and add the 50 emails to your autoresponder account. This will require you to have a hosting account and an autoresponder account.

(Clear and easy to follow instuctions are provided.)

Secondly, you'll get access to the reseller's member area where you can create your own unique Newbie Lessons membership access links. You will need this when setting up your PayPal buttons as this will be where your customers get sent to. These access links will be embedded with your ClickBank, JVZoo and Zaxaa IDs. This means any extra purchases your customer makes after they've bought from you will be credited to your account. This includes any product we launch to your customers in the future!

“I'm a complete newbie. I like the idea of this, but struggle with the techie side of things. Can you set this up for me?...”

Yes we sure can! For a small fee we'll setup the entire system for you so everything is working correctly. This includes site setup, FTP upload, PayPal payment button creation, reseller link creation, autoresponder list creation, adding 50 emails to your autoresponder account, squeeze page setup and much more. A full break down of everything we do will be explained after checkout.

OR you can just follow the user-friendly instructions inside...

“What happens after I purchase?”

After checkout, you'll be redirected to the reseller registration page. From there you'll be asked to create your own unique account so you can log into our system at any time to access your purchases. An email will also be sent to you with your login details. We recommend that you do not close the window during the checkout process. If you have any issues please forward your transaction email receipt to us and we'll provide you with your reseller access link.

“Is this for me?”

If you've visited the offical Newbie Lessons site, understand the product, and are convinced that it will sell... then YES this is for you. If you're an existing customer of the Newbie Lessons and know from first hand experience what a brilliant package this is and want to become a reseller... then YES this is for you. If you're simply looking for a turn-key system that you can start making money with and collect $19.95 and $37 payments right out of the box... then YES this is for you. If you want to add more revenue to your online business and let the professionals do all the back-end selling for you... then YES this is for you.

“Okay I'm ready, what do I do now?”

Great! Simply click the order button below, choose your reseller package and go through the simple checkout process. Once the payment you'll be redirected to the reseller registration page which will take you through to the members area. From there you can create your reseller links and download your site and can start selling immediately.

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